Data is everywhere.

Data helps us see the big picture. Data helps us make the right decisions for better impact.
BUT data is big and chaotic. Data is scattered and confusing.
Gathering data and working with it is tedious and time-consuming.

So how do we harness the power of data and make it friendly, insightful and useful?

At India Data Insights, we have a team of experts that specialises in

Collection and extraction of useful secondary data from the most credible sources
Cleaning and curation of data and creation of structured usable databases
Creation of insightful visualisations, interactives and ready-to-use-charts
We manage collection, updation and presentation of data at our end, so that you can utilise your time and resources more effectively to make quicker decisions and better impact.

All you need to do is

Search for the exact data or visual you need
Browse through multiple charts / dashboards
Select the chart / dashboard that you find most useful
Download the ready chart or export the dashboard view as an image
Use it the way you want in your report, presentation, analysis, website or social media!

We are a part of the Sattva Consulting family. Our work is powered by Sattva's decade-long deep experience in delivering high impact projects in emerging economies around the world.

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