Water Quality Dashboard

Product ID : SDG06FI001

Published on 30 April, 2019

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  • Tab 1 – Overall Source Contamination: Provides the user the context to understand the data. The tab consists of static charts at the state and district level on testing density, sources found contaminated and sources with multiple/single contaminants.
  • Tab 2 – District-wise Contamination: Through this tab the user is able to get a district level view of the spread of all the contaminants being analyzed. Sheets will toggle based on the contaminant that the user selects.
  • Tab 3 – Contaminants – District Data: Provides the user with a color coded table of the number of sources tested positive for all contaminants being analyzed. The colors indicate the spread of the contaminant in a certain district relative to other districts in the country.
  • Tab 4 – Sources – District Data Table: Provides the user with a color coded table on the source related information including number of sources tested, testing density, contaminated sources, multiple contaminants and sources tested positive for other contaminants.
  • Tab 5 – Contaminant Breakup: This tab provides the user with the break up of contaminants found in each district. The user can use the contaminant filters to understand which districts show a high spread of a particular contaminant or a combination of contaminants.
  • Tab 6 – District Comparison of Contaminants: Allows the user to compare the break up of contaminants for districts across India.